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Vintage Biri-Biri
Extraordinary Pretty Silky Lacey Skirt.
RM 25.00

Vintage Biri-Biri
Your Antique China-Vase had turned into a skirt!
Crawling blue floral motif, i think its pretty catchy! ;)
RM 20.00

The Vintage Socialites
BabyDoll in Lightest Blue shade.
Ruffles neckline, cuffed long sleeves and trimmed at waistline with ruffles.
Would look best on petites.
RM 60.00

Miss Ginger Tea
Miss Ginger Tea is letting go some of her vintage collection!
And you thought it forever gone but its not!
Off shoulder Lacey Long Blouses from Sasha Vintage.
RM 20.00

Playings with lines.
Strategically horizontal and vertical lines, giving an illusion of a longer and thinner torso and upper part while wider and expanded on bottoms.
Mandarin Collar, Cuffed Sleeves, Buttons, and Ruffles Skirt.
RM 26.00

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