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Lovely Sunday
Antique Bambi Ring.
Its too cute for words. XD
More in stores!
RM 49.00

My Kedai Runcit
Floral earrings. Just too perfect to go with your Floral Vintage Dress/Skirts/Tops.
Feel like getting one here. heeeheeee ;)
RM 10.00

Simple Bedazzled
Sort of Dream-catcher-Inspired right?
One set of necklace+Earrings+ Bracelet.
Best to match with your Boho style.
RM 28.00

The Aura Gems
I cant really resist this. really.
Antique Copper with book pendant and charms.
(Psst,the book can be flip over too!Keep the pic of your beloved one in it!)
RM 50.00

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