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Sorry for the long hiatus. Many things had happen to us recently :(. But fret not, we're currently undergoing some major construction; from our layout to our site's vision. :) We will be back once we're satisfied with the new changes.

Some major changes are:

New template & Layout
New Email Address
New Header Name
New Banner.
Facebook in consideration.
Twitter account had been suspended,but we will create a new account soon.
-We no longer receive updates via email. We will only follow the updates via blogroll.
-Cherry Cherry News will be use to promote any exclusive offer for ML readers only.
-Reviews description will be much shorter and simple and with different format.

-As you know, there's a lot of other reviewers who serve the purpose of reviewing brand new items. We will give most chance to the second hand E-shops in this site. (For Brand New E-Shop please send your request to be featured at Shopping Roll, Diary of an-Eshopaholic, Your Shopping Kaki, Fashionomy, Fashionista 1001, Today Im Wearing, Luxurious Fashionista (Bags), Detailed Wears(Accessories) etc )
-We're categorizing our blogroll into 3 groups only ; Vintage, 2nd Hand and Brand New.

What do we feature/publish/review:

-Vintage clothes & Antiques accessories.
-Preloved/2nd Hand Items.
-Any fashionable yet affordable finds!
-Something extraordinary and unique!
-Sales/Promotions to grabs. (But since MySaleHunter is doing this, might as well you peeps can request for her to feature your sales ya?)

-And many more news from the Fashion industry!

Do let us know if you satisfy with the changes :)

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