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Flabby Arms? Feeling skin revealing too much?Dress/Top looks boring? Cant stand cold environment?

Your solution is here.

My Fashion Mansion
Cropped Crochet Bolero with lovely Pearl Chain Pin.
Four colour to pick, so do your own mix and match!
RM 18.00

Classy Wardrobe
Ahh....its my first time seeing a lovely butterfly crochet bolero.
Sure to bring those gloomy plain colour top back to life!
RM 30.00

Only One Vogue
Shoulder shawl with thin sash.
If you're thinking your dinner tube dress could make you shivers, why not pair it with this?
RM 30.00

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  1. Ismene // July 4, 2009 at 2:10 PM  

    Love those cardigans!!!!! XD

    Esp the one with fluffy balls!! \(^o^)/

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