Bye bye Monday Blues!

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Sasha Vintage
High collared Neck (Check).
Cuffed Long Sleeve (Check)
Cute Ruffles (Check)
No, i dont care if it makes your Monday Blues, but it totally worth it!
RM 35.00
Personally love 99.9% of the latest collection ;)

Tangerine Loft
You must have missed this beauty!
Silky pinkish with pussy bow.
Spotted still available and currently having 50% off for all items.
Do email seller to confirm!
RM 28.00 incl delivery (before discount.)

Four colours to pick.
Your essential needs to glam up your skirt or dress.
RM 24.00 incl. Postage

Vintage Socialites
There goes another floral piece for grabs!
Buttoned, Tie back sash, flare skirt and Great cutting with solitude colours, blue and yellow.
RM 48.00

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