About Me.

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Why Minor Lavender?
Because I was born in the month of Feb;
famous for its Purple Theme ( Amethyst, Lavender, Fishes).

Why use Butterfly as a Trademark?
Why not? ;D

A little things bout Me.

Female (Of Course!)
20+ years old.
Regular shoppers
Single(Giggles) XD

How did it started?
Actually I started to use my personal blogs to list out my fav. items that i spotted during my blogwalking.
But when it seemed that personal blog flooded with too many wish list (mostly are vintage stuff), i did a serious thinking to separate my wanted wish list into a new blog.
So this Minor Lavender was born under that circumstances!
Most of the things i reviewed are my personal fav.

My personal wish list (that turns into reviews) consist:
*Vintage Clothes
*Pretty Unique Stuff
*Lovely and Affordable Items

All of these will be updated here!

Everyone's had their own personal wish list no?

Hope this site can help you girls picking pretty nice stuff and do enjoy blogwalking here!

*Bugging your life with her words*

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